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What Is A Crystal Grid?

  Made of both the powerful blueprints of creation known as Sacred Geometry and unique beautiful Crystals that conduct, hold and transmit energy, Crystal Grids are gorgeous additions to our sacred spaces that can help manifest states of being that directly effect our...

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No Rules Creativity

  No Rules Creativity After all my years at art school and experimentation in my studio, I find the most joy and freedom in what I like to call 'no rules' creativity. While some art styles absolutely require skill and calculation in its execution, the type of mark...

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How to set up your own market stall

In recent years Perth has really embraced the market scene, with hundreds of thousands of people attending outdoor events that showcase all the wonderful creative products of our local artists. Maybe its the (relatively) clean air, the spectacular beaches, or the 300...

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Soul Purpose Art Exhibition

My second exhibition was fast approaching. I still had one large canvas to complete and the gallery to set up, but hope was under my wings. I could do it, I could keep my head down heart open, and remain dedicated to an event I had wanted for a long time. My first...

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Random Acts of Kindness For Creative Souls

Random Acts of Kindness for creative souls As I hunted around to find a list of inspiring acts to promote kindness in my world, I didn't quite find what I was looking for, so here I am writing my first blog post and compiling a new list! I do hope that you find some...

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“A visionary delight! I have bought several art works that have inspired and touched my soul!”
– Gloria Hardman


“I purchased some artwork from Leah and was really happy with it. Would definitely recommend Leah and her beautiful work to anyone looking!”
– Rachael Russell


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