Random Acts of Kindness for creative souls

As I hunted around to find a list of inspiring acts to promote kindness in my world, I didn’t quite find what I was looking for, so here I am writing my first blog post and compiling a new list! I do hope that you find some inspiration here, and that your random acts of kindness stretch far and wide, into your local neighbourhood and even when you travel abroad. Kindness reaches all races, all creeds, and is understood by everyone. There is no limit to how many people you will help with these simple acts of love. The energy you bring to your creative process is enough to light up their hearts for a week. You’ll totally love the act and the reward!

1) Spread love like a tree: Share inspiring words. The idea with this one is simple: grab a piece of heavy card paper (at least 230gsm), cut out a shape of your liking (triangle, circle, love heart), and write some inspiring words. Tie a piece of string to it and hang it from a tree in your local neighbourhood. Examples include:

“You are perfect just the way you are”
“You are loved. Dont ever forget that”
“You are special beyond measure”
“You are appreciated for all that you do”
“There is a kingdom of spirits looking after you”
“The world needs you. You belong here”

2) Create hope: share a poster with strangers. Create a poster just like this one in A4 size on recycled or FSC paper, and put it in an envelope. Place that envelope into the letterboxes at old peoples homes, nursing homes, over 55’s community living and anyone you think could benefit from it. They make great fridge companions!

3) Animals need kindness too: beach clean up. In Buddhist traditions, household chores become a wonderful exercise in creating good karma and for promoting feelings of gratitude. Your house gives you shelter, warmth, love and protection, and cleaning your home is a way of showing appreciation for all it provides. For the animal kingdom their home is Mother Earth, and it is our job as custodians of her to keep the place clean and free from rubbish. All those plastic straws from juice boxes that get left at the beach – they end up in a turtles stomach. Water bottle lids and plastic bags – they end up in a dolphins digestive system. Discarded bubble gum and rubber from balloons – they end up in birds’ mouths with disastrous effects. Head down to your local beach or park and pick up any bits of rubbish you can find. The marine life and bird life that bring us so much joy will thank you dearly.

4) Pay it forward: shout a random coffee. Next time you’re in line ordering a coffee or cup of tea (fair trade and organic if possible), quietly pay the cashier for a person behind you in line. Doing this anonymously is important because these acts are not about gaining recognition, they are about giving without wanting anything in return. It really will brighten their day and reinstall their hope in the world. People need little reminders that there are a bunch a good people doing good things for others (especially if they watch the negative nightly news and read the newspaper!)

I’m sure there will be more to come in the future. For now, spread kindness with small acts. It begins with you.

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