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Our paintings are 100% original, one off, hand painted canvas artworks. Our paintings feature professional quality acrylics onto art gallery quality primed cotton blend canvas. All artworks are painted in Perth Australia by female artist Lah, and come ready to hang. 

New Series 2018/19

Driven  by the harmonies, influxes, chaos and order that is music. Abstract Expressionism for Lah is a way to shape energy communicated through sound into physical form. Inspired by raw emotion and varied colour palettes, what often arises is pure freedom in striking pieces that provide a sense of place within the ongoing timeline of life. 

Soul Purpose Exhibition 2016

Building the bond between the soul and physical life, Soul Purpose asked each viewer to contemplate their play within the whole. Strongly influenced by depth psychology, near death experiences (which Lah experienced in 1999), mandala paintings from the East and concepts of destiny or anihilation. 

Of The One Exhibition 2007

Abandoning conventional methods of paint application, Lah substituted a paintbrush with nature itself. Found branches, leaves, twigs, flowers, soil and seeds were used to create each of these pieces. Focusing on and intending to bridge the gap between nature and self was paramount, with part proceeds from every sale going to Carbon Neutral and their Plant A Tree program. Sold out show.


Early Days 1997-2006

Purely experimental with techniques, composition and subject matter, mostly completed through art school. 


“A visionary delight! I have bought several art works that have inspired and touched my soul!”
– Gloria Hardman


“I purchased some artwork from Leah and was really happy with it. Would definitely recommend Leah and her beautiful work to anyone looking!”
– Rachael Russell


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