Flowing through her creative heart, Leah’s work taps into the stream of life. Thank you for doing what you do: always authentic, unique and incredibly powerful

Naomi Smith

Musician, singer, songwriter, Corbelle

I personally have 3 Heart Temple pieces but that doesn’t really matter. What’s matters is the blood, sweat, tears and effort that goes in Heart Temple as a whole. Heart Temple uses her own personal story and beliefs to give her work depth and the reality of the work will move you. Heart Temple is a journey and as bystanders we have the opportunity to take a piece of this journey home. Whether it’s a photograph or painting, you will find a moment in time that has captured a certain image, color or light and you will connect with it. And if you do, support Heart Temple by taking that moment in time home.

Luke Andrioff

The art work from the heart temple is amazing, the colours are so bright, her prices are amazing so everyone can afford. She is a local perth Artist, to me this makes it even better to support local businesses.
I am so happy with my, (love)flower of life art work.

Would def recommend for your home or a beautiful present for someone you love!

Tarryn Meason

Flowers In My Hair

I’ve known Leah, so therefore I’ve known The Heart Temple for over a decade now. However I admit I still don’t know which one is the host and which one is the passenger. For when we experience The Heart Temple we are reminded of why the best art is a pure and untainted extension of the artist.

Leah’s perception of life is a joy to learn about, and fortunately for us she is also blessed with the talent and confidence to express her take on the world through glorious paintings and photos.

Our home is decorated with The Heart Temple throughout. The art is homely but never outstays its welcome. It is inquisitive but not judgmental. It is holistic but not preachy. It is comforting but not smothering. It is insightful but not deconstructive. It makes you want to buy in, but never makes you feel like it’s selling something.

The Heart Temple asks you the question but allows you to make up your own answer. These are just some of the reasons why The Heart Temple is the first thing we see when we arrive back home everyday.


Dez Richardson & Amsky Blackman

Passionate, thoughtful artwork, awesome thank you !!

George Amperiadis

Leah is an incredibly talented artist and I feel very lucky to own one of her paintings. When I saw it I just knew I had to have it, her work is so inspiring. Thanks so much.

Eleanor Barratt

Leah is truly talented local artist and her art is a pure reflection of how beautiful person she is. Last year I bought one of her beautiful paintings titled ” The Fighter” – the secrets of consciousness. Leah,s beautiful and spiritual painting is at my hypnotherapy office which I and my clients enjoy , thank you Leah

Bozena Slominski

Leah really does create pieces from the heart. I am the proud owner of a few of her pieces and they take pride of place in my home, Thanks Leah xx

Shae McCarthy

Art from the heart. Reflecting our journeys through time grounded in eternity.
Leah’s use of colour and symbol allow for a glimpse of the dreamscape while in the moment.

Babette Lambiase

B The Space Between


“A visionary delight! I have bought several art works that have inspired and touched my soul!”
– Gloria Hardman


“I purchased some artwork from Leah and was really happy with it. Would definitely recommend Leah and her beautiful work to anyone looking!”
– Rachael Russell


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